I’m so glad you are interested in learning to pause, take a breath, and make space for yourself.


  • Yoga Classes:
    Align Yoga
    Wednesday, June 28th, 6pm at Binghamton Yoga
    311 Exchange Ave, Endicott, NY
    Cost: $14 for drop-in
  • Walking Meditation Hike:
    Studies show that time spent in the woods can relieve stress and bring on positive emotions. By consciously engaging your senses through mindful hiking you can experience even greater benefit from time in the woods.

    I lead groups on a quiet walk engaging all the senses. We meander through the woods practicing walking meditation culminating in a quiet reflection and nourishing snack.

    A typical session lasts about 75 minutes and includes poses to loosen up before hiking, breath work, a two-mile hike through the woods on beginner to intermediate trails, and a closing reflection.

    An excellent experience for a small team outing. Contact Ann to schedule a date.

  • Using Yoga to Manage Stress:
    Learning to pause before action in our minds and bodies can help manage those stressful times.

    This lecture and practice introduces students to the eight limbs of yoga, identifies stress responses and offers strategies to pause and take action rather than reaction.

    Class is designed to be 45 minutes and includes beginning yoga poses, breath work, and lecture.

    Bring a wellness element to your next conference, in-service or team wellness day. Contact Ann to schedule your group.
  • Daily Care Post-Its:
    Easier and more accessible than a journal, these daily care post-its can be attached to your existing day planner, attached to your phone, stuck on your purse or the bathroom mirror. Stick them anywhere you need a reminder to nourish yourself throughout the day.