My brain is a tiny spider monkey hopped up on caffeine

28848950_SAnd someone needs to get a leash on that thing.

That’s another reason I started this practice. I want/need to be able to concentrate and focus. I have known for a long time that meditation would be very helpful to my overall disposition. There have been countless studies done proving the effects of meditation on a person’s happiness, fulfillment and overall health.

In the ayurvedic tradition, the medicine side to yoga, I am a pitta. There are 4 elements: earth, air, fire and water. In Ayurveda, we are all part water with a tendency  towards one or a combination of the other elements. My tendency is towards fire and that fire is often out of balance. Which means I lack focus, get easily angered, want to eat all the things that throw me even more out of whack. Meditation, I have found, is a settling in the sweet spot of my center that calms me, helps me be reflective instead of reactive, cools the heat. I usually dedicate my meditation to a person who needs some loving care or a person I am upset with or don’t really like (usually for petty egotistical reasons).  I often think the most difficult practice is to love your enemy but until you let go of that hate or hurt, you are really only hurting yourself.

My monkey brain wants to skip the practice. It wants to ease the suffering I put upon myself with alcohol, bad food and video games. But if I seek that sweet spot every day, maybe soon, I’ll get used to being there and the monkey on my mind will take a rest.

So my new dedication to this practice is also about living a happier life too, healing inside and out.

’cause I hurt

I decided to commit to 365 days of yoga because my body is hurt. I have always been an athlete with a body that was capable of some amazing things. I have been strong and agile. I ran two marathons. I was MVP of my high school volleyball team and made honorable mention to the all conference team. I played varsity softball as a freshman. But in the last 5 years the parts are wearing down. I have always loved the freedom of run right out the front door but problems started with my feet, then my hip, then back. My favorite thing to do in the world is play volleyball, but now I have a torn rotator cuff and arthritis and bursitis and any other joint-itis one can get in the shoulder.

Physical therapy proved odd to me. We could only focus on “fixing” one part of the body when it was obvious all the parts are connected. I was supposed to do 5 different exercises for my shoulder, 15 reps apiece. Then add all the stretching and strengthening for the hip. Couldn’t I just do it all at once?? Yes! And couldn’t getting everything in the right place and strong at once start to heal me?? Yes! The answer was/is yoga.

So I am dedicating my physical exercise time to yoga to see what will happen.